Thursday, 22 February 2018

Weetbix Tryathlon 2018

On Sunday we had the Weetbix triathlon. We had to wake up at 6:00. I was so tired and so nervous. I got changed so fast because my clothes were already there. When everybody was ready we left home and drove to Pt England. Mum parked her car because it was just happening at Pt England reserve.

We walked to Miss King to get the bike for Julianna when she starts riding the bike. We were  in a really long line when we were getting closer and closer me and Hendrix were talking together. I was a bit angry cause it was super super cold and wet and Hendrix was wearing a long sleeve jumper I was wearing a jumper but no sleeves like a singlet.when we were out of the line we got our Weetbix tryathlon t-shirt.

After that we walked to the entry. We had to put Juliannas bike somewhere like the other peoples bikes. We went to this tent and got breakfast. It was weetbix and milk with peaches and syrup or honey. I gave my one to dad and then mum said I have to eat some of her one but I only ate the peaches.

To be continued.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

SLJ Week 1 Day 1

Day 1 Activity 1

3 Facts about Maui

1. Maui had a magic jawbone
2. Maui made a special rope and said a karakia to give it strength
3. the fish that Maui caught was known as the North Island of NZ

Activity 2

Dear Stevenson

 I traveled on a Waka to New Zealand. I felt happy because I have never been to New Zealand. Late at night I tried not to go to sleep so I would know where the waka is going. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Prize giving 2017

Four days ago it was our school Prize giving. All of us had to do a item.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Australia SLJ 16/17 W1 A1

In the holidays I want to go to Australia because  it looks like a nice places I saw this video. when I was watching it I was like wow. In that photo I saw heaps of beautiful islands or places , and heaps of water. I was a little angry at my friend because he got to go to Australia.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

penpal letters

Dear arlo

Thank you for the letter my favourite toy is a drone with a camera.When we went to stardom it was cool as.John is the one who works at the stardom.I like my friends they always play handball with me.I do like pizza especially my best  friend hendrix.Have you slept over at cousins house but outside in a tent with all your other cousins. I think it was easter egg day. Do you like dolphins because the picture you sent us is  picture of dolphins. Do you like Ninjago lego I do because there are lego people in the lego.

I hope you are having fun.

From Kris

Thursday, 26 October 2017

playing recorders

today this morning we were learning about music we were just trying to do just one beat.The instrument that we were playing is called a recorder  it was hard where learning to do c&d note when we were done practising ms lets us go in groups but my friends was blowing the

recorder to hard.We went on the mat we did the c note or the d note we took turns in a circle from left or right after that we put the recorder in a box then we went to faree fono  with fire saf. We took our shoes off out side. we sang Whakaaria mai the song was fine we played a game it was called I don't know what it is that is how I won because she went the wrong way  then it was other kids turn in my class we went back to class and did more writing I think instruments was cool.                  

Thursday, 19 October 2017

musical madness

We walked in the hall with our hands behind our back. We sat down and it was term 4. When we sat down I was like why is some of the teachers dressed up. But I forgot they always dress up because it is a new term I felt happy because I got to see my friends again.

When we watched Mr Burt and Mr Jacobson and ms Nua   Mr Somerville they made up a song it was cool Mr Jacobson used a trumpet and Mr Burt used a guitar mss nua used a weird thing that you shake Mr somerville played the  drums and Mr wisemen. I like when we have a new term because it is all about music and they act the year one teachers act first.

First they put four chairs on the stage because there were four of them. ms Gaston sat on the chair first and she sang a song then another teacher came on the stage next to the one singing then another one came on. lucky last then another teacher came on. And then they all went off one at a time after it was team 2s   turn they were playing snap and they were changing the music first they started off with no music and they do different emotions one of them was scary and they were acting to be scared they did some other songs than it was team 3s turn team 3s one was funny what ever they said the song rimes with 4s one was funny too it was about teachers in a car. And playing music and what the music sounds like they do what the song is playing.when they got to school  they were still moving but they saw Mr Jacobson                                                                     
Looking angry but when he put his window all the way down he was playing loudmusic to. Now it was team 5s turn it was about pretending to be a family and watching the lion king they all had popcorn when they were watching heaps of different songs they did let it go when the monkey was holding Simba i think.